T.J. Julien

Certified Financial Planner

From the time I can remember, I have been involved with careers in the financial field. Including tax preparation, small business credit analyst, auto finance, real estate closer, mortgage officer and auto and life insurance sales. After earning my finance degree from Colorado State University, I felt it was important to experience life before becoming an advisor at such a young age.  As I predicted with more than a decade of experience now as an advisor, financial decisions are not always just about the numbers, something I would not have understood just out of college.  I have continuously worked to improve my education in my field with multiple designations. The one I feel is most significant is Certified Financial Planner™.

As a Certified Financial Planner™, it is my job to sit with you side by side, provide education, explain costs, help you recognize your options and strategically devise a plan that suits you. Our industry has a sea of products, many with crafty pricing structures. Most people start with a product and try to work it into their own situation. But, I believe you should start with your needs first and then look for a product or process to satisfy your wishes.

I am grateful for the wonderful people I work with every day. I find great satisfaction in making a positive impact, devising a suitable plan and being a part of a client’s life year after year.